Programs & Workshops





Spring 2019


Weekend Class - Mar. 2

Starting on March 2, 2019, we will offer weekend classes, to continue every weekend until May. We aim to bring international theatre teachers to China and partner them with handpicked life coaches to create classes for teenagers to expose them to the joy of theatre. We believe that through theatre, they can learn to be confident, empathic, and start build a holistic self-awareness and personality.

Demo Workshop 1 - Jan. 17

Demo Workshop 2 - Feb. 23 


Summer 2018

Chongqing - Aug. 3-9

For our 2018 iteration of our annual workshop, we invited American television and Broadway actors to teach classes for teenagers and adults in China. Our workshop adapted, produced, and performed the show “Peter and the Starcatcher” over a period of 7 days, and we were thrilled to partner with Chongqing’s own 303 Theatre again, who provided us with rehearsal and performance spaces.

Winter 2018

Chongqing - Feb. 1-6

For our winter Chongqing workshop in 2018, we focused on camera acting, and invited a team of actors and videographers to rehearse, produce, and record an original film, “Fortune Sticks.” Our students were given roles, activities, and rehearsal strategies that allowed them to experience the world of camera acting whilst retaining a focused approach to self-discovery and personal improvement through our curriculum.


Summer 2017


In our inaugural summer workshop, we invited 3 American actors to develop games, activities, and exercises for children and teenagers with little to no acting experience. We adapted, rehearsed, produced, and performed the show “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the state-of-the-art facilities of 303 Theatre in Chongqing. The success and overwhelmingly positive response we were met with from both students and audience has inspired us to host an annual workshop in similar format.