"After the workshop, I enjoy & appreciate more to the realistic life, cause it just like my own movie: I was and am and will be the true leading role."

-Selina (Kunming, 2018)


"I personally feel that drama & film can change a person or a group of people. It allows us to find or discover the good in us. Through such workshops, more people will be given the chance to find confidence in the work and to open up their own artistic path."

-Gino (Kunming, 2018)

"The teachers influenced on me greatly, I never feel so good, so powerful. I think this is the positive energy of collective love, we must continue to do such things, bring more people to learn performance in the right vein! When I really opened myself, I felt the change in my acting artistry came out from the inside, and through some exercises I began to think about how I grew up, the way I deal with the world, communication among people..."

-San-san (Kunming, 2018)


"I learned how to express myself in front of strangers or an audience and became more outgoing and understanding of everyone's differences. We have to both rely on each other and sort of "give up" out past to re-embrace this team. The power of the teachers is to grab everyone unfamiliar together and make a big team which won't ever be afraid of anything."

-Zoey (Kunming, 2018)



"I realized how drama could miraculously made me more in tune with the world around me and receptive to everything that happened.  In that safe theatrical environment, I became more emotionally vulnerable, but more energetic at the same time, as I felt like I opened my heart to allow myself to feel more deeply with the characters in the play, and surprisingly found a way to manage and filter my intense emotions. 

I love our teachers who taught me in those workshops, they were so nice and professional, and kept encouraging me however I performed. I learned a lot through conversations I had with them and they were like mentors rather than simply teachers to me. I'm so grateful for the days we had and will cherish them forever!"

-Tina (Chongqing, 2017-2018)



"I learned bravery, a more clear understanding of myself, and the confidence to do the difficult things. No pains, no gains."

-Ariel (Chongqing, 2017-2018)