Executive Board

Xiaopei Luo (Founder & CEO) created the Alchemy Theatre & Art Studio in 2017 to address the growing need for theatre education in China. Alchemy’s first workshop in Chongqing incorporated elements from Xiaopei’s background in improv, acting, and physical theater, and aimed to create an intimate and holistically educational environment for students who had little exposure to theatre previously.

Xiaopei studied the pedagogy of Lecoq and Stanislavsky with Huang Chun-Ta (Hong Kong) and Branko Brezovec (Croatia), improv with Jaybird O'Berski (Durham), and physical theater and devising with Pig Iron Theatre (Philadelphia). She has participated in and contributed to numerous international theatre festivals, workshops, and productions, including the Beijing Improv Festival, Wuzhen Theatre Festival Carnival, and Incubator International Actor Training. Xiaopei has also authored short plays, including Qing Qiang & Home for the Holidays, and holds a B.A. in philosophy from Boston University.

Since their inaugural workshop and with an eye towards the rapidly expanding international theatre scene, Xiaopei has expanded the scope of Alchemy to provide professional masterclasses for those who wish to intensively study western techniques, and introductions of international performing groups and artists to China.


Yu Shi (Curriculum Design/Brand Development) majored in Communication and minored in Psychology at Boston University. She obtained master’s degree in Educational Technology at New York University. She worked in Magic Box Production, an art education NGO based in New York, and launched several educational summit and panel events with New York City Department of Education. Due to great passion in theatre culture, she founded the first Chinese theatre organization in Boston and served as president. She devotes herself in promoting theatre culture and believes that art education is powerful and valuable for everyone’s life journey.


Muyan Gao (Chief Financial Officer/Investment Manager) currently studies finance at Fudan University and Spanish at Shanghai International Studies University. She has worked in Citibank, Galaxy Securities and Genesis Capital and mainly engages in investment deals of primary market and investigation in secondary market. She has accumulated deep insights into education market and is experienced at product operation and finance management.


Xiaoxian Long (Content Manager) studied Drama and Film Literature at National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (Beijing). After working as screen-writer in a film&TV group, she went to the U.K. to obtained master degree of Drama and Theatre Education at Warwick University (Coventry). Her play-script Lost With You awarded in Tianjin literature committee script collection(Tianjin,2014);Opera script MeiFei awarded in the 2nd Xi Wen Bei script collection competition(Shanghai,China,2015)and published. Film script Hide and Seek awarded in the 4th Beijing International Film Festival Commercial and Investment Session (2014). She participated as performer and project developer in the documentary theatre THE BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD (NUO LUO GU XIANG theatre festival,Beijing,2015)She also carried out TIE (Theatre in Education)Project Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre in the U.K. in 2016.


Yanxi Liu (Chief Producer) works as the leading producer in the team, mainly responsible for promoting and introducing international theatrical programs.

A graduate of the University of Glasgow in Theatre Studies, Liu has gained admirable intellectual knowledge and practical experience in various aspects of theatre as a producer, actress, host and theatre educator. Over the past few years, She has dedicated herself to propelling the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, through participating in several world-class theatre festivals and serving as the Chinese teacher at the Glasgow Chinese school. She is also enthusiastic about contributing her part to the development of theatre education in China, which she believes plays a significant part in cultivating the ability to empathize and express feelings amongst children and teenagers.