Alchemy offers acting classes for non-actors, workshops for folks just starting out their careers, and master classes for professionals who want to hone their craft with Western techniques. We work with children and adults, amateurs and industry, performers and technicians, writers and producers. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience in Theater, Acting for the Camera, Filmmaking, Writing, and Psychology, and offer diverse perspectives on European and American creative arts. 

Each workshop is limited to a small number of students in to guarantee plenty of personalized attention from our dedicated instructors. We customize your role in the program to fit your needs, whether your goals are to simply try something new, to enhance your acting skills, or to gain valuable experience behind the camera. We make the most of our short time together, with our week culminating in a public performance or film screening. Our aim is to guide you through your own process of personal and artistic transformation, so that you emerge on the other side empowered and more fully yourself.

And while we always teach in English, Alchemy has a staff of experienced translators who are present with you every step of the way--although we encourage you to practice your English skills with us! 





-Ice breakers & Games

-Physical & Movement





-5 Senses






Acting for the Camera


-On-Camera Scene Study

-Acting for Film vs. Theater


-Script Study



-Basics of Filmmaking








Personal Empowerment

The Art of Presence: Mixed Meditative & Movement Practices

 - Maximize the Art of Presence onstage through exercises and contemplative practices.

 - Tap into the creation state. Invoke and explore sense of self as originator of creative work.

 - Empower the student to increase personal confidence off the stage in interpersonal relationships.

 - Display of original artwork and/or performance pieces